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Patina is the student organization for history students of the University of Tampere. It's aim is to take care of history students trusteeship in relation to the university and the student union Tamy. 

Patina is also a link between every history student. It organizes many different activities for it's members: from movie nights to more formal evening parties and from sports events to the annual poetry recital competition.

How to become a member?

To become a member you have to pay a membership fee of 30 euros (inc. an overall sign). By paying the fee you will get a permanent membership in Patina. More info on membership and payment can be inquired from Joni-Tatu Rannanpiha (rannanpiha.joni-tatu.j[at]

Contact details


Patina ry.
Historiatieteen laitos
Kanslerinrinne 1
33014 University of Tampere

Mailing list

By joining the mailing list you will get the latest  news on current events etc. To become a member of the list you have to send an e-mail to In the e-mail should be written SUBSCRIBE patina Forename Surname. After the admin has added you on the list you will get a verification message which means you have been added to the list.

If you want to sign off the mailing list you have to send a message to In the message should be written SIGNOFF patina.

If you want to send a message to the mailing list without joining the list or if you have any questions about the mailing list, contact Juho Karisaari (karisaari.juho.a[at] .

Patina hosts a coffee hour in the student society room (Pinni A4101) every Tuesday at 2 PM.

Board of Patina 2015

President: Oskari Jokinen (jokinen.o.oskari[at]
Vice-president: Joni-Tatu Rannanpiha (rannanpiha.joni-tatu.j[at]
Secretary: Matti Järvinen (jarvinen.matti.t[at]

Member in charge of the economy: Joni-Tatu Rannanpiha (rannanpiha.joni-tatu.j[at]
Member in charge of educational affairs: Ville Vahosalmi (vahosalmi.ville.j[at]
Members in charge of events: Veikko Lintujärvi (lintujarvi.veikko.e[at] & Johannes Asikainen (asikainen.h.johannes[at]
Member in charge of Patina's magazine (HiLe): Roosa Pöyhönen (poyhonen.roosa.k[at]
Member in charge of sports events: Tuomo Tertsunen (tertsunen.tuomo.j[at]
Member in charge of tutoring & student affairs: Mikko Laaksonen (laaksonen.mikko.m[at]
Member in charge of culture: Matti Järvinen (jarvinen.matti.t[at]
Member in charge of PR: Niko Jordman (jordman.niko.r[at]
Member in charge of international affairs: Essi Turvala (turvala.essi.l[at]
Member in charge of the Association of the Finnish History Students (AFHS): Jyri Tuokko (tuokko.jyri.e[at]
Member in charge of environmental & equality affairs: Essi Turvala (turvala.essi.l[at]
Member in charge of publicity: Juho Karisaari (karisaari.juho.a[at]

Events Coming up!

  • Megazone Dec 2
  • Christmas Party Dec.10